Inner Child Workshop

Our childhood memories can often trigger feelings, whether it’s from a picture, a smell or a place that seems familiar to us.

But sometimes things happen in our childhood that we only experience the brunt of later in life.

We may have anger or emotional, or even, detachment issues due to a childhood experience.

These things can hold you back in life.

You deserve more.

During this Inner Child Workshop you will explore where your current issues stem from.

Together we will go on an intensive, yet fun & fulfilling journey.

Helping you let go of your past traumas, whilst building foundations for a newer, more mentally fit version of you.

Giving you a new slate, so that you can grow into who you were always meant to be.

Explore your past and get to know your Inner Child.

It’s a journey of self discovery.

Inner Child Workshops can be held either online or in-person.

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Hypnotherapy Can Help You With

unhealthy habits – bad behaviours – negative thought patterns

emotional pains – stresses – anxieties – fears – phobias

insomnia – depression – past trauma

addictions – eating disorders – weight management

concentration – confidence – self-esteem