is my way

of being a ‘Sister’

to those that need one.

“A trained and certified hypnotherapist,

I will guide you through the necessary steps

to help you reprogram your subconscious,

so you can break free from your unwanted habits,

and can start living the fulfilling life

you’ve always desired.”

Chanelle Fellinger

Based in the Algarve, Portugal.

Globally online.

> Qualified Hypnotherapist – Two Diplomas <

> Certified HypnoSlimmer Consultant <

> Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Practitioner <

My Journey with Hypnotherapy

Born to South African and Austrian parents

into a racially divided world,

one of five children in mixed-race family

growing up in a post-apartheid South Africa,

we were home schooled and sheltered.


Three of my sisters were in a serious and traumatic car accident,

a few days before my fifth birthday.


They were the only survivors

and spent years in-and-out of hospital

recuperating and recovering,

with multiple surgeries.


This put massive financial strain and pressure on our family.


Our mother (bless her)

spent years fighting for insurance and compensation

to cover medical bills,

which only came through a decade later.


This all caused emotional strain, tensions and stresses in our household

and between our parents.

Resulting in lots of shouting & hostile situations.

Which we were all exposed to, everyday.


Our parents got divorced,

the siblings were split up.

Some of us moved to a small village

at the isolated Southernmost tip of Africa.


A still very divided community,

we moved into a ‘white area’.

And were subjected to years of torment

from a very racist neighbour.


I left home aged 16.


Working in bars and dancing in clubs to survive,

I got caught up in situations where drugs were present,

and was basically a functioning alcoholic.


I endured some manipulative and abusive relationships,

suffered a traumatic miscarriage.

Had an abortion…


It was the Wild West.

But I was surviving and making money.


Our family home in Johannesburg,

once in a a nice area,

was hijacked and taken over by criminals.


Our home at the southern tip of Africa burnt down.

We suspected arson

by the racist neighbour.


Fending for myself in a tough environment

I had practically no support system.


By 21 I had saved enough money to buy a car,

and worked hard to turn my life around.


I returned to Johannesburg,

got a stable day job,

enrolled in night school & studied late into the night

to finally finish my school education and get my Matric.

Which I proudly achieved…

With some distinctions !


With one of my sisters I enrolled in & attended

as many personal development courses and seminars as I could.


This is where my journey with the subconscious mind

and the power of thought really began.


I took a chance,

quit my job

and moved to Cape Town.


I worked in the movie industry,

got some acting jobs,

some commercial modeling opportunities,

and used my spare time to further my studies and interests.


I started a business buying and selling antique furniture,

and eventually got a catering business & a food truck.


Our mother suddenly up’ed and left us,

shutting out the world for almost 3 years.

She was going through a hard part of her journey,

fueled by the hardships that she’s endured

which was affecting her mental health.


It was hard to hear that she spent some of that time hungry & cold,

living on the street & in homeless shelters.



We were worried sick

For a long time.


My one sister was subjected to a number of armed car jackings.

Once whilst she was pregnant.

Another left a bullet hole in her leg.

Another with a gun to my brothers head,

when he was held captive for 13 hours.


Johannesburg is a crazy place !


During the pandemic and lockdown

our businesses in Cape Town collapsed.


With my very supportive partner

We made the decision to move to Portugal

And start a new.

Fortunately I had my Austrian passport.

Courtesy of my elderly father.


We arrived in Portugal with what we could carry,

and settled into yet another tough lockdown.


I used this time to further my studies

and enrolled in a one year intensive hypnotherapy course,

as well as multiple other summits and courses around hypnosis,

personal development & the power of the mind.



Fast forward to today,

I now hold various comprehensive certifications

to help support my clients through hypnotherapy.


I also have scoliosis

and deal with chronic back and neck pains daily.


Throughout my entire life

I have always had to find ways to deal with

my own issues & traumas.


Hypnotherapy has helped me gain control of my chronic pain,

bad habits, depressions, addictions,

teeth grinding, over sleeping,

how I deal with stress and anxiety,

and past traumas.


I now find myself not only experienced in dealing with my own

traumas, troubles & addictions.

But also now equipped with the tools & training

to be able to help others

through the power of hypnosis & hypnotherapy.


Hypnosis & hypnotherapy can help you in many areas of your life,

as it continues to do for me,

and many others around the world.


Your HypnoSister is my way of being a ‘Sister’

to those that need one.


I look forward

to walking you through this journey.


Chanelle Fellinger

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We will discuss

How Hypnotherapy

Can help YOU

Hypnotherapy Can Help You With

unhealthy habits – bad behaviours – negative thought patterns

emotional pains – stresses – anxieties – fears – phobias

insomnia – depression – past trauma

addictions – eating disorders – weight management

concentration – confidence – self-esteem