Are you tired of your emotions controlling you ?


Are you pushing people away with your behaviour ?


Are you often triggered & not sure why ?


Are you trying to move away from old patterns of behaviour

but can’t seem to get there ?


Or is there just something from your past you want to move on from ?


It is hard to change old patterns of behaviour on a conscious level,

especially if you have no idea what the root cause of your issue is.


Once you discover the reason behind your issue & where it all began,

it helps you to understand why you are being triggered,

reacting a particular way,

or why you cannot seem to move forward.


Once you discover the cause, you then have the choice to let it go,

soften any triggers & release any suppressed emotions

in your body that are attached to the issue.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You With

unhealthy habits – bad behaviours – negative thought patterns

emotional pains – stresses – anxieties – fears – phobias

insomnia – depression – past trauma

addictions – eating disorders – weight management

concentration – confidence – self-esteem