Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Wilderness Retreat

Algarve, Portugal

All-inclusive specialist five-day retreat

At an exclusive award-winning Algarve wilderness venue

With focus on

Mind-Body-Soul Fitness & Weight-Management

Take time out for the most important person in the world.

Yourself !

Transform yourself with an inner & outer -makeover.


Tap into your intuitive weight-management ability,

in the peace and tranquility of the mountain wilderness

in the Algarve, Portugal. 


Over the course of this five day all-inclusive retreat you will learn

Game-Changing Food Philosophy & Hypnotherapy Secrets for Weight -Loss & -Management with:


Daily NIA Classes & Fitness Workshops

Daily Nutritional Eating Workshops

Daily raw, vegan and vegetarian food tips & preparation sessions

Three wholesome healthy educational meals per day

Health shakes & detox juices throughout your stay

Daily mind-body-soul sessions

Sound therapy sessions

Revitalising massage

Use of sauna and swimming pool

E-Mountain bike rides & hikes in nature

Leave with new knowledge, tools and motivation,

towards your full wellness and vitality potential.

HypnoSlimmer – Weight Management Programme

At the retreat we will cover your introduction to

> Clinical Hypnotherapy for Weight Management, Portion Control & Food Addictions <

Sessions two, three and four are be scheduled online over three consecutive weeks after the retreat. 

Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA)

The hottest new trend in mind-body wellness

An advanced form of fusion fitness blending martial arts, healing arts, dance, and spiritual self-healing.


A high-powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match.


A sensory-based movement practice

that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts.


It empowers people of all shapes and sizes.


Connecting the body, mind, emotions & spirit.

Post Retreat

Three weekly one hour Hypnotherapy Weight Control follow up sessions – video call (online)

Who should attend ?

Tried every type of diet and exercise and still not got control of your weight ?


Lack knowledge, motivation or have some deep-rooted emotional barriers

related to your weight or eating habits ?


An inner & outer -makeover, this retreat will transform your way of thinking,

will help you tap into your intuitive weight-management ability,

and empower you with Game-Changing Food Philosophy & Hypnotherapy Secrets

for weight -loss & -management.


Learn how to break bad habits and dump the emotional and mental baggage

related to eating habits or food addictions. 



Includes Faro airport transfers

Shared Room

Max three per room

Ensuite Bathroom

€ 2 950 per person

6 places available

Shared Room

Max two per room

Ensuite Bathroom

€ 3 450 per person

16 places available

Shepherds Hut

Private Room

Shared Bathroom

€ 4 200 per person

4 places available

Private Room


Ensuite Bathroom

€ 4 700 per person

8 places available



Enjoy five nights at an award-winning wilderness retreat.


Learn the benefits of hypnosis for weight management,

with a group of like minded people all on a similar journey.


Enquire about the next HypnoSlimmer Weight Management Wilderness Retreat here.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You With

unhealthy habits – bad behaviours – negative thought patterns

emotional pains – stresses – anxieties – fears – phobias

insomnia – depression – past trauma

addictions – eating disorders – weight management

concentration – confidence – self-esteem